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Hi, welcome to my site. I am Rick Cocchia and this is my friend Sharon. She gives me some much needed emotional support and many excellent ideas that have been incorporated into this site.

We are so happy that you stopped by and we hope you'll come back often!

I "practice what I preach", and since I started investigating and using natural alternatives to what is available commercially, many good things have happened.

Sharon's daughter's Asthma seemingly disappeared when she removed the carpeting from her room and put in an air cleaner. Allergy symptoms I have whenever there is "house cleaning" going on are no longer an issue.

That being said, please browse through my site and decide for yourself. I appreciate your comments.

My original idea was to let the world know about the many advantages of steam cleaners because I just bought one and I loved it. What happened was that in my research on steam cleaners, I discovered the astonishing world of natural healthy cleaning. Astonishing, according to Answers.com meaning "so surprisingly impressive as to stun or overwhelm".

The reason I was stunned was because my research uncovered the disturbing truth about the effects of chemicals that we use everyday in cleaning and in personal care. It was shocking to learn that some of our largest "trusted" corporations have so much power that they can get away with "trade secrets".

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